Piranha Gear Leather Head Guard W Chin and Cheek Padding

Published in Detail Review on 7th January 2021

Piranha Gear Leather Head Guard W Chin and Cheek PaddingProduct Introduction

Sports gear and equipments are designed to offer highest levels of protection and good comfort to the players when they are playing the game. While some players ignore the importance of protective gears, it is necessary that they understand the requirement of wearing them and even inspire others to do the same. Head gears are designed to safeguard the temple area of the fighters involved in boxing. Many sports equipment companies have been designing a range of head gear that are specialized to offer protection to the players. They are composed of materials that are high in quality and great in comfort. Head gears are worn so that the fighters do not face the impact of the blow by the opponent. This is because the head gear absorbs the impact and distributes it without troubling the fighter. Boxers today have a wide variety of choice when it comes to choosing protective head gears. They should keep their comfort and convenience in mind while selecting the one. They can choose between full face head gear and the open face one, depending upon the type of face. However, experts recommend full face protective gears as they offer complete protection. Piranha Gear Boxing Head Gear is the Best Boxing Head Gear that is recommended by the fighters.

Product Details

Boxing Head GearPiranha Gear Boxing Head Gear has been designed keeping different requirements of the fighters in mind. They can be used by fighters for engaging in different types of combat martial arts including UFC, Karate, MMA and others like boxing. They are however, most recommended for kickboxing as well as Muay Thai. The Boxing Head Gear from Piranha features top straps along with Velcro adjustments. This offers the fighters the scope of fine tuning the fit without much hassle. The head gear is designed after much research. The makers have kept the comfort and convenience of the fighters in mind. It fits perfectly without much problem and offers highest level of protection. It is not made of foam covered in paint. Hence, it lasts for a long time without resulting in any trouble to the players. The head gear from Piranha does not crackle or fall apart when the user receives blows, strikes or punches from the opponent. Piranha Gear Boxing Head Gear is composed of genuine and top grade black leather. It features foam padding of high density that offers extra comfort and protection to the fighters during the match. This is the best head guard that the players can get in the market to protect their head from blows and punches.


Piranha Gear Boxing Head GearGet Boxing Head Gear from Piranha to enjoy a variety of advantages at an affordable price. The head gear offers highest levels of comfort to the fighters. It is easy to wear and does not leave any kind of gaps when worn. This is quite an important feature. The head gear also features adjustable top. The wide leather comes with Velcro closing strap at the back of the head. This allows the fighter to adjust the fit. While choosing the headgear, one should check the perfect fit. When confused, it is better to choose one size up as this will not result in any kind of problems on the field. Head gear that is too small might be quite uncomfortable, causing disruptions in concentration during the game. The headgear from Piranha features thicker stitching that makes the product last. It is slightly denser and come with heavy duty adjustment straps.


There are no drawbacks in the product. Piranha Gear Boxing Head Gear is highly recommended for its design and make.


Piranha Gear Boxing Head Gear offers protection of the highest order to the players and makes them feel comfortable during the match. Get boxing head gear at reasonable rates online.


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