Ringside Deluxe Face Saver Boxing Headgear (Small/Medium)

Published in Detail Review on 3rd January 2021

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For over thirty years, Ringside has been into the business of providing an undisputed gear for boxing. Whom so ever it may be, a boxer, coach, or a professional fighter, ringside gears are demanded. There has been one such gear that is indeed beneficial for every player. It is the Ringside deluxe face saver boxing head gear. The Company is into making the best boxing head gear at affordable prices.

Product Details

The Ringside Boxing head gear is one of the gear with the most efficient design. It has been manufactured with the best leather material and the lace. The design of the boxing head gear is so well that it narrows the target surface making vision more accurate. To have a firm fitted headgear there are adjustable rear closure and lace tops. It also has a buckle chin strap. There are liner aids of moisture wicking which helps in quick drying of the best boxing head gear. The weight of the boxing head gear is about 3 pounds. The head gear is also priced $99.99, which is though sounds high, but worth paying. It is available in sizes like small medium, large and extra large. The best use of this head gear is in sports like karate, boxing or any kind of martial arts.


There are many reasons why one should get boxing head gear:

  • This is one of the best protective headgears available in the market.
  • It prevents the face from getting into direct contact with the punches.
  • It shields the head also very effectively.
  • It provides a nice vision and also has very effective design that contracts the target surface.
  • For a firm fitted headgear, there are adjustable rear closure and lace tops.
  • The head gear is made of durable leather that has a chin strap too buckle up the gear.
  • In boxing or martial arts, it is needed to keep the mind cool and comfortable. For this, there is moisture wicking liner that certainly helps in drying the gear quickly.
  • There is a protective bar that is very sturdy holding up the boxing head gear.
  • It is surely a good value of money, when other gears cost above $150.
  • It also gives a good nose protection as well.


There are many advantages of this best boxing head gear. But there are some defaults of the head gear which can be just noticed. It has only one downside which relates to the chin strap. The chin trap needs to be pulled tightly so as to ensure that the chin does not slip out. At times it makes the head gear a little tight at first wear. Thus, it is needed to have another investment in the mitts, a must while you get boxing head gear.


Get boxing head gear that surely qualifies and quantifies the need for protection of the face and head to take the punches. The Ringside Deluxe face saver boxing head gear can be a choice for martial arts fighter who is looking for a durable yet affordable head gear for self. Boxing and martial arts are the games of contact and if no proper gear is used in these games, one can cause injuries. So having the right boxing head gear is a must. It is a necessary investment for people who seriously want to make a career in boxing and martial arts. This will ensure an appropriate protection to the players.


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