TITLE Boxing Face Protector Training Headgear

Published in Detail Review on 4th January 2021

Title Face Protector Training HeadgearProduct Introduction

Games are meant to be played with full enthusiasm and energy. This energy is sometimes converted into roughness leading to injuries in game. Boxing is one such game which requires energy to divert the blow on an opponent. Just imagine if no proper gears are available, how bad can be the injuries. For this purpose, Title boxing has come up with different types of gears required in the game. These gears include chest and rib guard, gloves and yes the Title boxing head gear.

Product Details

There are various types of boxing head gear available in the market. But the Title Boxing Face protector training headgear is considered to be the best boxing head gear. Title Boxing Head Gear has proved itself to be one of the finest boxing head gear amongst different brands present in the market. Coaches, Trainers and fitness experts recommend boxers to use Title Boxing Head Gear. The in-built features and making of Title Boxing Head Gear comes out exceptionally well. It is made up of top and excellent quality of leather which is used for professional gear manufacturing. This material provides longer use and durability of the Title Boxing head gear. The head gear also has the best foam padding which is thickly layered. This creates a comfortable gap between the head and gear. The foam padding also helps in protection from the punches. The visibility through this gear is also commendable. This enables the boxer to prevent him or herself from any hitting or defending opportunities. The interiors of this boxing head gear are equipped with special leather that adds in a great amount of comfort. In order to protect the face from the punches, there is a face bar which is also padded. The other things that are on this gear are the lace-tie top which is adjustable, chin strap and hook-n-loop rear attachment. Title Boxing Head Gear comes in standard fitting. Hence it can be well adjusted and fitted to anyone. Boxing Head Gear is available in two colors namely black and red.


It is very essential for boxers to wear Boxing Head Gears without any fail. Since boxing involves in a great amount of hit and escape game, it becomes vital for players to wear Title Boxing Head Gear. Due to infinite advantages, users have agreed it to be the best boxing head gear. This head gear is considered to be the ideal one for training and tournament purposes. Boxing Head Gear prevents the face from getting hurt or injured. The size of this boxing head gear is a standard one. It can easily fit with people of any age group. The padding of foam is of superb quality, which allows in absorbing hard shots. There is also metal face frame that can absorb blows from knee and elbow without busting up the face.


There are some drawbacks though when it comes to the purchase of the Title Boxing Head gear. Following are a few cons of this head gear:

  • It showcases the head as the biggest target because of the padding and the frame.
  • The metal frame takes all the upper cut blows which make the popping of the head out of the gear.
  • The padding steel frame reduces the vision. It is very essential for players to check in well with the direction of punches. Considering all these pros and cons, it can still be a good purchase.


The coaches, trainers and even players now use and recommend the Title Face protector Boxing Head gear when it comes to boxing. The pros and cons of the gear have been stated, yet one should get boxing head gear for his/her own protection. Boxing being the game of contact has blows and punches that can harm head, face and nose. So it is always advisable to have one boxing head gear for sure.


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