TITLE Classic Face Protector Headgear

Published in Detail Review on 4th January 2021

Face Protector Headgear: TITLE ClassicProduct Introduction

Head gears are like helmets. However, they are composed of specialized material for the benefits of the sportspersons engaged in boxing. While some people are of the opinion that only amateurs are required to wear headgear, it is advised that every person involved in boxing wears a proper headgear for protection. It is necessary to wear headgear while fighting as it helps reduce the risks of a number of injuries. Often, sportspersons face several injuries on the face in the absence of the headgear. This results in a loss of their training sessions and many days of practice. Hence, it is necessary to wear a headgear and also to wear it properly as instructed in the booklet or by the coach. Headgear helps reduce cuts that the fighter might get during the match. The headgear should have excellent padding to protect the jawline and the head of the fighters. There are a variety of headgears available in the market. One can choose the headgear depending on the brand, size, weight, colors and cost. Lightweight headgears are more preferable as it does not obstruct the game. Title Boxing Head Gear is the best boxing head gear that is recommended by experts in the game.

Product Details

Title Boxing Head Gear is excellently padded with the best material to offer supreme protection to the players. It is composed of molded plastic face bar. This design helps the fighters protect their face from the punches and strikes of the opponent while they are involved in the game. Many headgears are such designed that they obstruct the visibility of the players. This often becomes a hindrance for the fighters and they are not able to perform better or give their best. Boxing Head Gear from Title is designed after much research and development. It does not obstruct the vision of the fighters. It offers good visibility to them. The product is quite light in weight. It will not be a burden to the fighters. They will like wearing it instead. Title boxing head gear can be adjusted at top, under chin as well as at the back. It is designed to fit every fighter, irrespective of age and size. All can wear it by adjusting the strap as per the liking. The boxing head gear is soft and smooth from inside because of the high quality material. There is inside liner that makes it easy to wear. Users can take care of the headgear easily and maintain it on a regular basis. The shipping weight of the product is 12 ounces.


Get boxing head gear from Title. The brand is known for offering a variety of boxing gears and equipments of high end quality. The boxing gear is such designed that it offers best levels of comfort to the player. It will not be an obstruction to the fighters while they are involved in the game. Many fighters feel that wearing Title boxing head gear offers them confidence. They are able to concentrate on the game rather than protecting themselves from the blows and punches of the opponents. It even helps create a dominating effect on the other player. It is necessary to wear the headgear in the right way to overcome the negatives of the headgear.


Title boxing head gear does not come with any kind of disadvantages. However, any headgear should not be taken for granted. The fighter needs to protect oneself during the game without being fully dependent on the protective gear.


Title boxing head gear is the best boxing head gear product that has been recommended by players, coaches and others. It is a must for those fighters who are dedicated to the game. Wear Title boxing head gear and notice the difference. Get boxing head gear and initiate safe boxing experience.


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